When you crave the most power, best performance and must-have fuel consistency, you need VP Racing Fuels.

Why? Because performance fuel is our passion, our lifeblood. Since 1975, it has been and continues to be the primary focus of everything we do.

And it’s not just “race gas.” It’s performance fuels of all types—racing gasoline, racing methanol, nitromethane, small engine fuels, hobby fuels, storage fuels—essentially any application requiring custom formulation for specific performance characteristics.

Small Engine Fuels

Ethanol-blended street gas damages fuel systems in outdoor power equipment! Ethanol absorbs moisture, forms deposits and degrades fuel lines, making your equipment difficult to start and ultimately requiring expensive repairs.


VP Small Engine Fuel is ethanol-free, engineered specifically for small engines by the Mad Scientist at VP Racing Fuels to:

  • Prevent ethanol-related problems
  • Provide easier, more dependable starts
  • Remain stable in storage through the off-season and beyond.
  • Extend engine life
  • Avoid costly repairs and rebuilds


All quantities are available in:

  • Quarts
  • Quart Cases
  • 1 Gallon
  • Gallon Cases
  • 5 Gallons
  • 54 Gallon Drums


  • 40:1
  • 50:1
  • 4 cycle
  • Multimax
  • Promax
  • Fix-it Fuel

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