This is Vengeant Apparatus. We are focused on building your department a quality, functional long lasting piece of apparatus. Over the last decade 911 Rapid Response has been building hundreds of emergency vehicles a year all over the North East with known quality products such as Whelen, Havis, Getac, Go Rhino and more. Vengeant Apparatus was created to focus on custom rear modular units for F-4/550 style chassis’s. Here at Vengeant you will find both Paid and Volunteer Firefighters, Police, EMS and many other first responders that have unique characteristics giving us leading edge on building your next emergency vehicle. Don’t see what you want, that’s ok…we will build it.

About Vengeant

911 Rapid Response opened doors in 2006 with two simple goals. To supply our heroes with the equipment they need, and to build custom vehicles above customers’ expectations. We offer public safety equipment to keep you safe while responding and on scene at emergency calls. Our showroom is packed with emergency equipment, police gear, EMS supplies, traffic safety supplies and much more. We carry just about every major brand, and if you’re not finding quite what you’re looking for, give us a call and we’ll be glad to help you out. Our install shop is always loaded with vehicles, ranging from Police, Fire, EMS to even commercial vehicles.​

We’re unique in that we offer a true, one-stop shop to our customers. From the time your vehicle is delivered to us, to the time it is ready for pickup, the vehicle never leaves our shop. Now to the Vengeant Apparatus division started in 2018 just adds to that one stop buying experience. All custom work, CAD drawing, fabrication, computers, cages, emergency lighting, sirens, to everything you can imagine is done 100% in-house; truly allowing us to ensure top quality, and pass on savings to our most valuable assets…our customers. More information



    A 100% designed apparatus that contains water.


    Perfect for use as an Enclosed Utility or Mini Rescue.


    The go-to unit for general equipment hauling.