3414 Apollo Single Inlet Portable Monitor and 5″ Storz and 3416 Apollo Single Inlet Portable and Deck Monitor, 5″ Storz Ground Base and Truck mounting flange only

Single Waterway Monitor

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Akron Apollo Monitors offer a variety of models with features to fit the ever-increasing demands of the fire service with a durable, dependable and stable monitor.

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  • 360° rotation when mounted in the deck mode, 180° in the portable mode
  • Vertical travel from 90° above to 15° below horizontal, with a built-in 35° safety stop
  • 3″ waterway with cast-in turning vanes for efficient flow
  • Direct mount – a combination 3″ NPT female and 3″ flange
  • Carbide spikes for extended wear (Spike covers optional)
  • Also available as portable only or deck mount only – must specify