Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting Live Fire Simulator

In order to ensure their best chance of survival, safe and effective training under realistic conditions is essential.


Dräger gas-operated fire simulation systems are designed in accordance with the requirements of DIN 14097-2 Fire training systems – part 2: Gas-operated simulation devices. The systems also have additional safety features:

  • A water-operated sprinkler cooling system for the outer hull triggers automatically as soon as external and surface fire locations are switched on.
  • The simulator is anchored to withstand the load of the fire fighters and machines and the force of the water jet from fire trucks.
  • For remote diagnosis in case of failures the system can be equipped with a modem.

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  • Every aircraft fire simulator is as versatile as possible. For example, surface fires, fires in cargo areas, fires inside the cabin, turbine, wing or hull fires can be simulated. This allows training for different accident scenarios. ​
  • Dräger builds the aircraft type chosen by the customer or a combination of different aircraft types – also at original scale.
  • ​Spilled and ignited kerosene are amongst the most dangerous situations when fighting aircraft fires. The Dräger training areas for fighting liquid fires (spillage fires) offer ideal conditions for implementing the ideal extinguishing strategy.