Containerized Live Fire Training System (CLFTS)

The Dräger Containerized Live Fire Training System can be equipped with a variety of interior fire simulators.


During training in the CLFTS, firefighters are confronted with real flames, extreme heat, high humidity, severely restricted visibility, and thick smoke. This allows them to train for an emergency as realistically as possible. Dräger’s Containerized Live Fire Training Systems consist of a minimum of one 40’ sea container meeting IICL5 inspection criteria, which has been substantially modified and insulated to accommodate a fire simulator. The systems are modular and containers can be either stacked or otherwise connected to include additional simulators. The propane-based CLFTS is modular, expandable, utilizing single or multiple containers, and requires only limited site preparation. It can even be moved and re-installed.

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  • Dräger’s Containerized Live Fire Training System is available with different layout options.
  • In a compact form, it can integrate elements of a fire simulation system for training in accordance with NFPA 1403.
  • The training system can be equipped with additional props, such as a moveable wall system. Re-configurable wall panels allow for flexible creation of confined space elements.
  • Other popular options available include smoke simulation, windows, stairs, and confined entry hatches.
  • The accessible roof of the container can also be used as an extension to the training scenarios.