Exterior Live Fire Training System (ELFTS) – The Car

Accessible from 360 degrees, three separately controlled two-stage fires and realistic flame signatures make the CAR a great exterior tool for firefighter training.


The Dräger CAR is accessible from 360 degrees, allowing access from all four sides. The Dräger CAR depicts a two-door vehicle on the driver side, and a four-door vehicle on the passenger side. The CAR incorporates an operational hood, trunk lid, and doors.

The simulator makes use of vapor and liquid propane to fuel three separately controlled, two-stage fires including, engine fires, passenger compartment fires, and trunk fires.

Liquid propane fueled burners create large, powerful flames reaching high into the air. The Dräger CAR produces intense, radiant heat which teaches trainees the importance of approaching the fire with the wind at their backs.

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  • The structure is made from heavy gauge steel. Water bath technology protects the equipment and diffuses the propane for a truly realistic flame signature.
  • The optional smoke generation system of the Dräger CAR produces non-toxic smoke into the engine compartment and is controllable via a wireless control pendant or a main control panel.
  • The pilots and burners are PLC controlled and designed to be fail-safe. The burner management system is designed to meet CAN/CSA B149.3 and NFPA 86.
  • The Dräger-designed control system monitors pilot status, propane pump status, and other system elements. The human interface to the systems allows for wireless pendant or control panel operation of the main fires. An emergency stop button at the control panel and a dead man switch adds to the comprehensive safety of the training system.
  • The Dräger CAR Exterior Live Fire Training System (ELFTS-C) is thoroughly tested for quality assurance prior to shipment and at site.