Phase 1 – Flashover Development Observation

Teach to recognize conditions that lead up to a deadly flashover event and learn techniques to delay this phenomenon – in a controlled, repeatable setting.


Two compartment design creates a safe learning environment

​The wood-fueled Phase 1 system is essentially a laboratory where firefighters can closely observe fire behavior and learn to recognize the warning signs of a flashover. The upper compartment is the burn chamber. The observation level, which is 3 feet below the fire floor, gives firefighters a safe vantage point for observing the stages of fire as it progresses to flashover.

This proven system is also designed to reinforce the proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE) and teach methods for testing and cooling the environment to delay the onset of a flashover.

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The system includes:

  • 20-foot long observation chamber
  • 10-foot long burn chamber
  • 2-day training course for up to 10 instructors
  • Instructor manuals and standard operating procedures (SOPs)
  • Instructors receive Certification to Instruct the Dräger Curriculum upon completion


Available options:

  • ​Mobile structure
  • Custom paint colors and logos
  • Emergency vent hatch in burn chamber
  • Replacement burn chamber
  • Temperature monitoring