Phase 4 – Simulated Garage Fire

Purpose designed for training on various scenarios


The proven Swede Survival Phase 4 System trains firefighters to understand fire behavior in a simulated garage area and learn techniques to control fire conditions— in a controlled, repeatable setting. The Phase 4 System builds upon the knowledge gained in other Phases, by simulating an entry room with heat and smoke leading to a large live fire room, providing additional fire attack scenarios. ​The Phase 4 System is configured with two 40 ft (12.19 m) containers side-by-side and a 20 ft (6.09 m) container installed perpendicularly at the entry point of the burn chamber. This layout forms a hallway entry into a double-wide burn chamber for more advanced and dynamic scenarios. The additional width lets you train two nozzle teams entering from opposite sides of the structure. This system is offered with an optional car prop, to simulate a more realistic garage scenario.

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  • Two (2) 40 ft. (12.19 m) containers and one (1) 20 ft (6.09 m) container
  • High performance insulation
  • 16 gauge steel exterior
  • 11 gauge sheet metal covering insulation in burn chamber
  • 11 gauge steel flooring in burn chamber and adjacent area
  • 5/16″ chain on walls, ceiling, and doors of burn areas to hold Class A materials
  • Entry room leading to garage structure
  • Partition from entry room to main garage area with entry door
  • Double wide burn chamber in garage structure
  • Controllable ventilation system
  • Concrete paving to line burn area floor
  • 55-gallon crib fire drum (x2)
  • 2 side entry doors without locks in garage
  • 2 side entry doors without locks in entry room
  • Access for hose lines
  • Paint red oxide
  • A/B/C/D Signage
  • Low flow nozzle – 30/60/95/125 GPM
  • 2-day train-the-trainer course with certified instructors


Available options include:

  • ​Custom paint colors and logos
  • Car prop
  • Emergency vent hatch–burn chamber
  • Thermocouple temperature monitoring system
  • Custom container configurations