Rescue Pak

Rescue Pak is a dual-nature air source.

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Rescue Pak is a dual-nature air source. It can serve as a primary air source by using cylinders for breathable air or, when used with a high pressure air source, the cylinders provide air for emergency egress. Rescue Pak is ideal for use in confined spaces, HazMat response, tank entry and cleaning, sewer maintenance and chemical handling operations. 

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  • Lightweight frame features 8″ ball bearing wheels and telescopic handle
  • Handle provides compact storage in down position
  • 4-outlet air manifold with safety relief valves to support 4 respirators
  • Fifth air connection with dedicated regulator provides air at different lower pressure
  • Can be used with any size SCBA cylinder to 4500 psi
  • Can be used with either one or two cylinders operational
  • Low pressure alarm whistle