Rescue-X Extrication Waterproof Safety Gloves

Rescue-X Extrication Safety Gloves offers superior protection when compared to other extrication gloves.

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The combination of slash resistance, a water proof layer, and high heat resistance give your hands the protection they need in any situation. The chemical resistant layer and the carbon fiber knuckle give you the added protection that other gloves lack.

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  • Armortex Kevlar outer protective layer
  • Cut resistant level 5 protection
  • Chemical, invert mud, fluid & Blood born pathogens resistant outer shell
  • Carbon fiber knuckle protection (high impact protection)
  • Water resistant outer shell & water proof inner layer
  • Tough 400 Denier outer shell
  • Abrasion & puncture resistant
  • High heat resistant palm
  • Double layer thumb protection
  • Double kevlar stitching for added strength and durability
  • Kevlar Tex 80 thread
  • Vibration pad sewn into the group area of the palm
  • Rounder finger-tip design for better fit and comfort
  • 100% water proof barrier