SCBA Identifiers

SCBA Identifiers provide another point of identification for firefighters working in hazardous conditions.

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Royce SCBA Identifiers can be used alone but when combined with the Royce Glow Shield significantly aid fire ground operations by making it easier to account for and identify personnel working in low visibility environments and are available for most SCBA cylinder types.

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  • Large Easy Visible Unit Identifier
  • Quickly Identify Officer versus Firefighter
  • Helmet and SCBA match
  • Increase Limited to Zero-Visibility Orientation
  • Allow quick recognition of the location of a firefighter
  • Orientation of the Shield and SCBA Identifier will allow you to know if they’re crawling, crouching, or laying
  • Know who you are talking to by name
  • Identify a lost or trapped fire fighter by name
  • Reduces LODD misidentification problems