Our goal at Interstate Rescue’s Training Division is to provide your organization with the best fire and rescue training available. We can accomplish this through our three training core values: Professionalism, Empowerment, and Competence. These core values are at the foundation of our Instructor Cadre and our training programs. We are fortunate to have a diverse Instructor staff that believes in the Interstate Rescue mission and the mission of the modern fire, rescue, and emergency medical service. Our instructor cadre are respectful, well rounded and come from a variety of backgrounds. We believe in a positive training environment that provides the attendee the ability to break down any negative barriers they may have with training. We will capitalize on the strengths that are presented to us, not dwell on the weakness.’ Motivation and positivity are contagious, you can be assured we will spread it throughout the classroom or training ground. Our instructors believe in “sets and reps”, they have all been selected because of their tireless attention to details and the fact that they all dedicated themselves to learning the technical skills of our craft, by doing it. We will be able to demonstrate, in detail, the small components of every evolution to ensure a high level of proficiency in the end user.

Reality Based Training Philosophy

This philosophy utilizes a step by step process which provides the attendee the opportunity to increase tempo, confidence, and efficiency on the emergency scene. Starting with static and dynamic breakouts, specific techniques will be shown with the reasons why and the ability to conduct repetitive skills to start mastering the techniques shared. Moving to low- and high-level scenarios while adding in emotional responses and “chunking” together the static objectives used, allows the student to start building confidence and tempo. The training ends with complex scenarios which brings all objectives learned statically together in one large scenario with multiple companies working to accomplish the goal. This complex scenario will have a believable storyline which starts from a true beginning to a true end utilizing the departments staffing levels and procedures.

Our goal is to help provide high level training to give the opportunity to the attendees to be able to perform under pressure. We will work with you to create a program that fits your needs. If you have a training need that you feel we may be able to help you with, please contact us, we look forward to helping you “Sharpen your ability to help those who cannot help themselves.”

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