Situation: Generally speaking, the American Fire Service does a highly ineffective job of training its Company Officers. In particular organizations with limited resources prioritize training of their newest members (recruits, probies, candidates, etc.). While this may seem expedient, and sometimes may seem the only choice they have, the downstream costs for the member, the organization and the citizen can be truly catastrophic. The expression that an ineffective, poorly trained Company Officer can cost lives on the fireground and careers in the firehouse is a truism ignored time and again.

Mission: Create a training package that is accessible to members interested in self-development (a key leadership trait) or organizations seeking to improve their members skillsets but with limited resources (a sign of a progressive and responsible agency).

Execution: Depending on the resources (time and money) of the respective agency or group a broad range of training packages can be offered. Following are half-day, full day and two-day proposals. Longer timeframes would expand on each of the key topic areas as well as the ability to provide more hands-on training. The guiding principle is that effective officers display proficiency and mastery both in the firehouse and on the fireground. The assumption for the students as future and existing Company Officers is that they have at least a basic grounding in incident-scene tactics which they would have been exposed to as line firefighters. The other assumption is that they have had relatively little exposure to training on how to be an effective leader, including the skillsets in areas such as conflict resolution. To that end all training packages pay particular attention to the typical deficit areas. The logic for this is critical. Success in the firehouse will lead to success on the fireground, dysfunction in the firehouse will ultimately display itself in the eyes of those we are sworn to protect. Rationalizations such as “But they’re good on the fireground”, will ultimately fail all those involved.

**This class is tailored to the client