3440 DeckMaster Electric Monitor 12V, UII logic box, control box (cables or logic box)

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The DeckMaster Monitor is an electrically controlled deck monitor with automated elevating capability. Includes monitor, UII logic box with an interface cable, 4 switch operator station, 10′ CAN control cable, tee connectors, and terminators. Nozzle not included. The unique design of the DeckMaster Monitor allows electric elevation and positioning more than 24” above the base of the flange for operation over obstructions with the push of a switch.

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  • 340° horizontal rotation with adjustable stops
  • Vertical travel 90° above to 45° below horizontal
  • Manual override for horizontal, vertical and elevation control
  • Stow position set easily by the end-user
  • Automatic drain for freeze protection
  • Diagnostic light for trouble-shooting
  • Connection for deployed indicator light
  • Available in 12 or 24 volt – Must specify
  • Optional position feedback – Must specify