711-RKM Standard Duty Kit

Everything the Rescue technician needs.


The Ajax 711-RKM Standard Duty Master Kit is an introductory level kit. This kit offers the Rescue technician everything that will be needed to hook up an air tank and begin the Rescue or Extrication process. The 711-RK uses .401 shank non-turn chisels.

The 711-RKM Master Kit includes a 1/2” Impact Wrench (Ajax #1985), and an 11-Piece fractional socket set (Ajax #1986)

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(1) 1974Hammer for .401-in shank tools
(1) 3300S-9Retainer
(1) 8245HRegulator
(2) 3159-PL Double Blade Panel Cutter (non-turn)
(2) 3156-PLKwik Cutter (non-turn)
(2) 3156-18-PL18-in. Kwik Cutter (non-turn)
(1) 940-PLMoil Point (turn-type)
(1) 99815 ft., 1/4 in. Hose
(2) 992Male Connector (1/4-in. NPT hose and hammer)
(1) 996Male Coupler (1/4-in. NPT regulator)
(1) 993Female Coupler (1/4-in. NPT hose)
(1) 8246Gauge Guard
(1) 531720-in. Steel Kit Box
(1) 8259Kit Box Liner
(1) 10744-oz. Oil
(1) 674-RT Trim Removal Tool
(1) 19851/2 in. Impact Wrench
(1) 198611 PC. Fractional Socket Set