Air Rescue Firefighting Helmets

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The AX helmet is a specialized fire helmet whose components designed to meet the needs of Air Rescue Firefighting (ARFF). The AX helmet is a lightweight, comfortable and affordable alternative to conventional, bulky ARFF hood designs that do not provide any head protection to the wearer. Aluminized helmet components and gold-coated faceshield help provide enhanced radiant heat protection for both the firefighter and the helmet. Special aluminized shroud designs permit usage in conjunction with SCBA facepiece. The AX helmet meets and exceeds the performance specifications of NFPA 1971-2007 as certified by the Safety Equipment Institute.

Bullard offers modern (FX & USRX) and traditional (UST) style fire helmets with radiant-heat reflective accessories to provide enhanced protection to both the helmet and the firefighter.

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  • Fiberglass outer shell
  • High-heat thermoplastic inner shell
  • Available in contemporary or traditional styles
  • Aluminized helmet cover
  • Aluminized three-layer shroud (also available with military shroud)
  • 6-inch gold-coated optically-correct faceshield