Compact Gully Sealing Bags

Reliably seal sewage systems and gullies.

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With the Vetter compact gully sealing bag, you can take action immediately. Seal the gully together with the sewer inlet: ready to use on the spot, quick to put into position and easy to handle. The sealing bags withstand counterpressure of up to 2 m water column (2.9 psi) and can be inflated with the supplied compressed air cylinder. Seal gullies with a diameter of up to 80 cm (32 inch) the easy way.

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  • Good resistance to oil and chemicals
  • Ready to use in transport case
  • Withstands counterpressure of up to 2 m WC (2.9 psi)
  • For gullies with diameters up to 80 cm (32 inch)
  • Working pressure: 0.5 bar (7.25 psi)
  • Test pressure: 0.65 bar (9.4 psi)
  • Test counterpressure: 2 m water column (2.9 psi)