Decontamination Tent PZ 17 2 L

Decontaminate civilians as well as insertion personnel.


Due to its lengthwise partition, the tent is divided into 2 decontamination lines. These two lines provide sufficient space for separate showering of men and women. The shower units divide the tent into undressing, shower and dressing area. As each shower unit possesses a separate water supply, water amounts or temperature can be controlled individually. The colour coding if the passages in the tarpaulin (blue: water, red: heating or power, green: compressed air) provide practical orientation during deployment. The continuous catchment basin in the shower area prevents the transgression of liquid into the rest of the tent. If required, simply connect the Universal Tent PZ 17 as an additional supply or accommodation tent to the PZ 17 2 L and thus extend the function scope.

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  • Operational in only 5 minutes
  • For up to 4 persons simultaneously
  • Gender-specific room division
  • Combination of shower and dressing room
  • Working pressure: 0.5 bar (7.25 psi)
  • Test pressure: 0.65 bar (9.4 psi)