Electric Smoke Ejectors

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Super Vac builds industrial electric smoke ejectors with the utmost priority on durability and toughness to stand up to the complex demands of the fire service. There is even a high power unit for the toughest of jobs. Electric smoke ejectors from Super Vac come in a variety of sizes and can be built for hazardous locations.

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12″ Smoke Ejectors
Model Weight Motor Output
P124S 40 lbs 1/2 Hp High Speed 3700 cfm
P124SE 42 lbs 1/2 Hp Hazardous Location – High Speed 3700 cfm


16″ Smoke Ejectors
Model Weight Motor Output
P164S 44 lbs 1/3 Hp Single Speed 5200 cfm
HF164 59 lbs 1-1/2 Hp Single High Speed 9620 cfm
P164SE 49 lbs 1/3 Hp Hazardous Location 5200 cfm
HF164E 63 lbs 1-1/2 Hp High Speed Hazardous Location 9620 cfm
P164B 35 lbs IonPac 2.0 Battery or 115V AC 3200 cfm


20″ Smoke Ejectors
Model Weight Motor Output
P200S 85 lbs 1 Hp Single Speed 9800 cfm
P200SE 93 lbs 1 Hp Hazardous Location 9800 cfm


24″ Smoke Ejectors
Model Weight Motor Output
P244S 110 lbs 1-1/2 Hp Single Speed 11,800 cfm
P244SE 115 lbs 1-1/2 Hp Hazardous Location 11,800 cfm