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Featuring Active Posture Design™ to work with your SCBA to get you in the ready position with less stress and fatigue. Fight the fire, don’t fight your gear!

Buy Them Together The Fire-Dex Interceptor Package™


This package features PPE to combat both the number one (Cancer) and number two (Heat Stress and Cardiac Fatigue) causes of firefighting related deaths. Bundled together in one budget-friendly package.

Double Lock Stitching

Fire-Dex uses lock stitching on all major seams, cuffs, and reinforcements, with 4 rows of lock stitch on all reflective trim and hook & loop closure material.

Deep Water Wells

Deep sleeve water wells provide a natural glove/sleeve interface, keeping water out of the inside of sleeves.

Superior Pockets

All Bellows Pockets are reinforced with Kevlar® for the best cut resistance. All Radio Pockets are fully lined with moisture barrier, including the pocket flap. All pocket flaps are extra long to ensure complete closure, no matter the bulk inside.

Liner Tabs

Liner retention snap tabs come standard on all Fire-Dex coats to prevent “liner creep-up”. Our standard liner tabs at the pant cuff are placed at the front and back to avoid wear between legs.

Detailed & Documented Moisture Barrier Seam Testing

We are partnered with both Moisture Barrier suppliers, W.L. Gore and Stedfast, and established a controlled environment for the most effective seam sealing. Every 10th garment is tested!

Hook & D Rivets

Always reinforced with a leather backing.

Moisture & Thermal Sewn Together

Prevents debris from entering between the layers and causing damaging abrasion to the moisture barrier. Inspection Ports can be added to any Fire-Dex Custom Turnout Coat or Pant.

Continuous Inspections Throughout Construction

Seventeen (17) inspection points throughout the process. Each team has an inspection station with electronic access to all specifications and work instructions.

Extra Thermal in High Compression Areas

Additional thermal protection is sewn to all high compression areas, such as knees, elbows, and shoulders, standard.

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  • FXR gear is the only gear in the industry utilizing Active Posture Design™ (APD). Designed together with the world’s best rock climbing and extreme sports clothing designers, APD is a collection of design elements that are specifically designed to minimize firefighter stress and fatigue.
  • APD focuses on achieving firefighter comfort and mobility through design rather than by oversizing the garment thereby reducing material and bulkiness.  APD gets the firefighter in the ready position with design features targeting the center point of a typical firefighter’s full range of motion, thus eliminating the need to fight the gear.
  • Custom Turnout Options: Fire-Dex offers a wide variety of options so you can customize your gear exactly how you need it. Check out FireWriter2 to see all of our available options and build your own set of gear.
  • FXR Express: FXR Express uses our top of the line, high-mobility pattern, offered in our 3 most popular high-end fabrics, equipped with all of our most popular options and features.

FXR Express Coats:

  • 30″ Length
  • Inner zipper, outer Hook & Loop closure
  • 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material in Lime/Silver, NYC Configuration
  • DexFlex Elbows
  • Black PCA reinforced cuffs
  • XP11 Radio Pocket (9x3x2)
  • XM12 Fabric Strap (1×5)
  • Two XP34 Semi-Bellow Handwarmer Pockets (9x9x2)
  • XM01 – Long Nomex knit wrists with thumb loop

FXR Express Pants:

  • Mid-Rise with no rear panel
  • Inner zipper, outer hook & loop closure
  • 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material in 3″ Lime/Silver
  • STS 1-layer foam knees, reinforced with black PCA
  • DexFlex Knees
  • Two XP30 Full Bellow Pockets (10x10x2)
  • DexCuff™ Reversed Tapered Cuffs, reinforced with black PCA