S TEC Lifting Bags

The next generation of high-pressure lifting bags.

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Vetter has further optimised the popular mini lifting bags to create a new generation of lifting bags: Vetter S.Tec lifting bags master every rescue operation with ease.

Amazingly flat and uniquely powerful. Its dynamic 12-bar lifting power makes it the most impressive lifting bag on the market.

With an insertion height of only 2.5 cm (0.98 inch), our S.Tec lifting bag fits in even the narrowest gaps and openings.

Thanks to its intelligent surface profile, you can safely stack two bags and laterally read the maximum lifting power and lifting hight.

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Your choice:

  • 14 different lifting bag sizes (square or rectangular shaped) with lifting power up to 102 tons (112 US tons)
  • 4 controllers (2 deadman versions, 2 fitting)
  • many different compressed air sources including compressed air cylinder, compressor, compressed air connection on vehicles