SC 250M Combi-Tool

The SC 250M is the combination tool that cuts, spreads and never takes no for an answer.

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Manually operated, it generates maximum power without gas, hoses or batteries. In addition, its head rotates 360 degrees for optimum positioning, and it stores easily in small compartments.

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  • Dual pilot check valve sustains necessary load requirements if the flow of hydraulic fluid is interrupted
  • Length: 33.47 in/850 mm
  • Width: 7.49 in/190 mm
  • Height: 6.23 in/158 mm
  • Weight: 26.2 in/11.9 kg
  • Spreading Distance: 12.1 in/308 mm
  • Max Spreading Force: 7,643 lbs/34 kN
  • Max Pulling Force: 8,205 lbs/36.5 kN
  • NFPA HSF: 6,294 lbs/28 kN
  • NFPA LSF: 5,283 lbs/23.5 kN
  • NFPA HPF: 8,205 lbs/36.5 kN
  • NFPA LPF: 6,519 lbs/29 kN
  • Max Cutting Force: 58,673 lbs/261 kN
  • NFPA Cutter Rating: A6/B6/C6/D7/E7
  • NFPA 1936 2015 Compliant: Yes