SP 333 Spreader

Can a spreader get lighter and more powerful? Yes.

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Can a spreader get lighter and more powerful? Yes.

Our new 10,000 PSI spreader is 23% lighter, yet increased its power by 20% over its predecessor, giving it the highest spreading force in its class. Its squeezing plates are covertly built into the arms of the spreader and the “Shark Tooth” removable tips off er serious bite and unstoppable hold onto any surface or material. This new tenacious rescue tool is perfect for any hazardous rescues requiring spreading, squeezing and pulling, with a weight that won’t slow you down.

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  • Increased power – 20% more power than its predecessor
  • Squeezing plates built into the arms
  • “Shark Tooth” removable tips offer multifunctional design, with four rows of shark-like teeth for maximum performance and gripping
Length 28.5in/723mm
Width 11.2in/285mm
Height 7.95in/202mm
Weight 29.5lbs/13.4kg
Spreading Distance 23.6in/600mm
Max Spreading Force 187,940lbs/836kN
Max Pulling Force 12,589lbs/56kN
NFPA HSF 14,163lbs/63kN
NFPA LSF 8,768lbs/39kN
NFPA HPF 9,667lbs/43kN
NFPA LPF 5,171lbs/23kN
NFPA 1936 2015 Compliant Yes