Wildland Urban Interface (WUI)

Sutphen Wildland units are the perfect mix of form and function.


Sutphen Wildland units are the perfect mix of form and function. These trucks are designed with a short overall length, and un-matched angles of approach and departure exceeding 20 degrees. This special attention to chassis design allows them to operate in the roughest of terrain, or on a busy highway.

Engineered to operate in both the back-country and the ever increasing wildland urban interface, these trucks are equipped for stationary high volume pumping, and pump and roll. Cab and body compartmentation is maximized for the storage of both crew equipment and the firefighting tools you need to handle any size situation.

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Pump-And-Roll Capability: By utilizing a Hale HP200 diesel power auxiliary pump mounted in the dunnage area Sutphen is able to provide true pump and roll capabilities. This solves the problem of disabling the truck during pump operation and allows for a quick escape should conditions on the scene deteriorate.

Hale FoamLogix 5.0: The Hale FoamLogix system has been proven time and again in the field to be a reliable system. The Wildland unit comes with the 5.0 FoamLogix system to allow precise foam application during normal pump operation as well as pump-and-roll operations.

13” Tall Frame: A Domex high strength frame material rated for 110,000 psi.

High Ground Clearance: With an approach angle of 19 degrees and a departure angle of 20 degrees, the Wildland apparatus was designed to get you in and out of just about every circumstance.

Multiplexed Electrical System: With dual Vista screens mounted in the cab the electrical system can be easily controlled and configured to meet the needs of the department.

Short 167” Wheelbase: To handle the demanding unpredictable conditions need to be able to maneuver the apparatus in very tight quarters. With a 167” wheelbase the Wildland unit can provide you with the means to do so.

Heavy Duty Cab Interior:  Cab interiors are well appointed and very durable.  Stainless steel door panels are standard, and heavy duty Durawear material covers the headliner and back wall.  Bostrom Secure-All ABTS SCBA seats Durawear covered seats are standard.

Standard Crosslays: The Wildland unit comes standard with two 1.75” crosslays above the pump module. Additional crosslays or various sizes are available as additional options.

Hose Bed Capacity:  The easily accessible hose bed is also located at the rear of the apparatus and holds 1000’ of 5” supply hose.

Up to 650 Gallons of Water: Water tank sizes up to 650 gallons depending on body selection and configuration.  Also available within the same water tank is an independent 20 gallon foam tank. The foam tank is designed into the main water tank so that the 650 gallon water tank capacity is maintained.

Heavy Duty Body:  The Wildland body is constructed from a frame of aluminum extrusions combined with 3/16” compartment panels. Is features 151 cu.ft. of compartment space. The body compartments are tall and deep providing ample storage space for rescue tools and other bulky equipment, as well as tool mounting boards, shelves, trays, etc.

Heavy-Duty Steel Bumper: The front bumper is constructed from a ¼” thick steel face plate reinforced by a ¼” plate behind the face, all of which is further protected by a ¼” thick skid plate protecting the radiator and the front undercarriage.



  • Construction:  Extruded aluminum with 3/16” aluminum plate interiors
  • Doors:  ROM aluminum anodized roll up or hinged doors
  • Hosebed:  Capacity for 1200’ of 5”, 500’ of 2”, 500’ of 1 ¾”
  • Ladders:  Alco-Lite (1) 24’ or 35’ 2-section, (1) 14’ Roof, (1) 10’ Folding
  • Booster Tank:  500 or 650 US Gallons, “L” shaped for low hose bed height
  • Air Bottle Storage:  (4) Total, two right fender and two left fender
  • Misc:  (2) 10’ Hard suction hoses, 4” Scotchlite stripe, (1) Hosebed divider


  • Hale or Waterous
  • 1500 GPM
  • Discharges:  (1) 2.5” Left, (1) 3.0” Right, (1) 2.5” Right, (2) 2.0” Left Rear
  • Side Mount control panel
  • Optional auxiliary pump for true pump and roll capability


  • High ground clearance for improved angle of approach of 19 degrees, and departure 20 degrees
  • 169” wheelbase
  • 151 Cu. ft. of usable compartment space
  • 3/16” aluminum extrusions are stronger than fabricated bodies
  • 3/16” door and body sides versus 1/8” if fabricated
  • Removable rear treadplate fenders and fiberglass liners
  • Heaviest rear body substructure in the industry
  • Adjustable, non-painted, heavy-duty hosebed dividers
  • Maintenance free compartment interiors, never needs painting
  • Flip up rear step