Product Specialist

Nick began working for Interstate Rescue in 2018 and serves as a Product Specialist in West Virginia. Like many of our product specialists, Nick has a robust public safety background that includes fire, EMS, and law enforcement experience. His full-time job is in law enforcement with the Department of Homeland Security and he has more than twenty years of law enforcement experience. Nick is also a second-generation firefighter who grew up in the station and is incredibly proud to have his son following in those footsteps. He has been a volunteer firefighter since 1994, with Moorefield Volunteer Fire Company 46 in Moorefield, WV. He has served there as a Firefighter, Engineer, Lieutenant, and Deputy Chief. Nick loves the sense of pride and brotherhood that is unique to the fire service. He enjoys spending time at the station training, taking care of the facility and equipment, mentoring other firefighters and of course, running calls. Outside the fire station, Nick loves spending time with his family, riding his Harley-Davidson, and practicing archery.