Rob Blasetti

Training Manager

blasettiRob Blasetti is currently a Lieutenant for Fairfax County Fire Department assigned to the Field Training Division and a Hazmat Specialist for VA-TF1/USA-1 Urban Search and Rescue Team. Before moving to Virginia, Rob worked for the City of Cape Coral Fire Department in Florida, where he held the rank of Battalion Chief. Since 2006, Rob has been sharing with firefighters around the country, the effects environmental and mechanical stress has on decision making on the fire ground. Rob has taught at FDIC, Firehouse Expo, Orlando Fire Conference, Ft. Lauderdale Fire Expo, and a presenter for the National Olympic Committee for sports. Blasetti is the Training Manager for Interstate Rescue.

Bassel Ibrahim

Bassel Ibrahim is a 17 year veteran of the fire service and is currently assigned as the driver to Tower Ladder 6 with Orlando Fire Department. Bassel has spent most of his career on Special Operations units (Orlando Heavy Rescue 1, Tower, Tower 10, Volusia Squad 35, and 23). He is a Florida Smoke Diver Instructor and FLAMES program graduate and teaches Truck School and RIT at many fire conferences around the country, including Orlando Fire Conference, Ft. Lauderdale Fire Expo and FDIC. He leads the Orlando Fire Department RIT and Survival programs and competition teams.

Brian Hallahan

Brian Hallahan has been a career firefighter in Northern Virginia for the last 7 years, riding both truck and engine companies. Brian has been a field training instructor in his department for the last 6 years. He assists with and has taught search, forcible entry, ladders, and hose line management classes. He is also a member of Interstate Rescue’s Engine Company Training Cadre. In his free time, he frequently takes classes to improve his own skills and knowledge to pass on and improve the firefighting craft.

Chris Morgani

MorganiChris Morgani started his fire service journey as a Volunteered at Punta Gorda FD, Florida then paid at Ft. Myers Beach Fire Department in 2001 where he currently holds the rank of Captain. Chris was a Rescue Specialist for Florida USAR TF-6 and a Instructor at the Southwest Florida Fire Academy since 2007. Morgani assisted in instruction at multiple fire conferences including FDIC, Fire Rescue East, Wichita HOT, Ft. Lauderdale Fire Expo and Orlando Fire Conference. Chris has invented and built the Buster Rex forcible entry tool. He enjoys time with his wonderful wife and two beautiful daughters. His passion for the fire service is shown through his style of instruction

Chris Theobald

I joined the fire service officially in 2009 after growing up getting hauled into the firehouse by my dad. Completing my 9th year with Fairfax County Fire and Rescue and am currently a Technician at the training academy. I have spent the last 5 years heavily involved with training hose line deployment and advancement along with live fire training.

Dan Gajewski

Dan Gajewski is a 12-year veteran of Fairfax County Fire & Rescue Department where he currently serves as Lieutenant on Heavy Rescue Company 439. Dan has spent most of his career in the Technical Rescue Program specifically on heavy rescue companies. Additionally, he is a member of Virginia Task Force-1/USA-1 Urban Search and Rescue Team where he serves primarily as a Rescue Squad Officer, Heavy Rigger, and International USAR Coordination Trainer. Dan has deployed both domestically and internationally for disaster responses. He holds the lead FEMA instructor certification for the Structural Collapse Specialist Course and has assisted in teaching numerous SCS courses both domestic and internationally. Dan is currently the rope lead for the Fairfax County Technical Rescue Program. When not training in the technical rescue field Dan acts as a Field Training Officer for Fairfax County. He assists in providing instruction and suppression training to all field units.

Dennis Camacho

Dennis Camacho Has been assigned to Rescue Squad 26 for 17 years. Dennis is a Technician with the Hazardous Material team and a committee member of the Hazmat Rescue extrication committee for training. Dennis enjoys extrication training and search and rescue. Camacho has a fun style of learning while still holding attendees to a high standard.

Grant Schwalbe

SchwalbeGrant Schwalbe has been a firefighter since 1994. He currently works for Estero Fire Rescue (Fort Myers, FL) as a Lieutenant/Paramedic on Engine 43. He is an Instructor for When Things Go Bad, Inc. and for Fort Myers Fire Academy. Grant has taught at various conferences including FDIC, The Orlando Fire Conference, Wichita HOT, Fort Lauderdale Fire Expo and Fire Rescue East. He is the lead instructor for the FDIC HOT program “Residential Search-Making the Grab”. Grant hosts 2 podcasts-Grabs and the Journeyman Firefighter and has been published in Fire Engineering Magazine. His areas of passion include Search, Engine Company Ops, Firefighter Survival, and RIT. Grant is FL Instructor 3 and has an Associate’s degree in Fire Science a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

Larry Mullin

Larry Mullin Has been in the Fire service since 1986. He is a Lieutenant on Rescue 418 with Fairfax county Fire and Rescue. He is an instructor in all Technical Rescue disciplines (Swift water, Swift water Boat, Structural collapse, Confined space, Trench, Vehicle rescue, Rope rescue.) One of the FEMA Structural Collapse specialist Instructor trainers. Larry is a level II Rope access technician that works at height all over the US doing infrastructure inspections (Bridges, Buildings, Water Towers) As a member of VATF-1/USA-1 he has deployed all over the word as a squad leader for over 15 years and has deployed countless time both domestic and internationally. He has received the IAFC Ben Franklin Award for valor in 2015 for his part in saving a life in the Nepal earthquake

Jason Abitz

AbitzJason began his fire service career in the Midwest working alongside his brother. He is currently a Captain in the Fairfax County Fire Department and has been a student of the fire service for the last 18 years. Jason is a lead instructor for the departments Officer Development Section responsible for training over 1200 current and future fire service leaders and is a graduate of the West Point Leadership Program. Jason continues to lecture and provide H.O.T’s training nationwide at venues such as Firehouse Expo, Virginia Fire and Rescue Conference, ISFSI and FDIC.

Jason Martin

martinJason Martin is a Lieutenant for the Iona McGregor Fire District in Fort Myers, Fl. He is assigned to Squad 73-Special Operations and serves as a Rescue Manager for FLTF-6 Urban Search and Rescue Team. Jason has been a fire service instructor for over 15 years and is currently an instructor at the Southwest Florida Fire Academy. For five years he served as the Fire Program Coordinator at the SWFPSA. Jason has assisted as a H.O.T instructor for several conferences including FDIC, The Orlando Fire Conference, and Fort Lauderdale Fire Expo.

Jason Probst

Jason is an operational Battalion Chief with the Virginia Beach Fire Department. Throughout his career he has served in both the Operations and Training Divisions and has an extensive background in Technical Rescue. Jason currently holds positions as a Virginia Department of Fire Programs Adjunct Instructor covering Heavy & Tactical Rescue, the Officer series, EVOC, and FF 1&2 and serves as the Co-Chair of the Confined Space Rescue and Vehicle Rescue committees. He currently holds the position of Rescue Team Manager and Lead Structural Collapse Specialist Instructor for the FEMA VATF-2 US&R team. Additionally, he travels across the United States teaching specialized rescue classes concentrating in Heavy Vehicle Technician, Structural Collapse Specialist, Paratech University, and many other disciplines as well as Leadership Development for Interstate Rescue, and the Blue-Collar Training Network. Jason is Interstater rescue’s Special Operations Team lead.

Jon Lockwood

LockwoodJon Lockwood is a 15-year firefighter in Southwest Florida currently assigned to a Truck Company. Jon’s attention to detail and physical fitness makes him one of the finest firefighter’s interstate Rescue has met. Jon instructs at FDIC, Residential Primary Search: Making the Grab, Orlando Fire Conference and Ft, Lauderdale Fire Expo. Jon has extensive Knowledge in Truck Company functions, especially ground ladders and Thru the Lock Forcible Entry. Jon is the creator of the Tool “The Lockwood Hook” sold by Leatherhead Tools through Interstate Rescue.

Rich Cantarella

Cantarella Rich Cantarella is assigned to Tower 424 in Fairfax County. Rich’s last assigned was Truck 422 and has been working on Truck Companies for the last 12 years. Rich instructs at various conferences around the country and specialists in the art of forcible entry.

Steve Ripley

I starting in the fire and rescue service as a volunteer firefighter in 1990, Rip was hired by the City of Lynchburg in 2002 and is currently a Master Firefighter on a Special Service company at Station #1, which is home to our regional technical rescue team. Rip has shared his experiences in numerous fire conferences around is region including: Smithfield, Bedford County, Walker Sisk Memorial Truck School, Making the Stretch Conference and Perfecting the Craft Conference and also shared information at the Smithfield’s Heavy Rescue School. Steve has the passion for sharing knowledge with students and learning from them as well.

Zach Walton

Zach began his fire service career in 2005 with Goochland County Volunteer Fire and Rescue outside of Richmond, VA. He has been serving as a career firefighter for 7 years. In 2016 he began working for Fairfax County Fire and Rescue and is currently assigned to Engine Company 424 on the Rt. 1 corridor. Zach is a member of Interstate Rescue’s Engine Company Training Cadre, an adjunct assistant with the FCFRD recruit academy. Having served in both a resource strapped rural setting and the urban sprawl of Northern Virginia Zach understands the diverse training needs of departments large and small.