Mini Leak Sealing Bags

The small and quick leak stoppers.

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Vetter mini leak sealing bags are ideal for leaks in small containers with a diameter between 10 and 90 cm (4 and 35 inch). The mini leak sealing bags securely seal liquids and gases, are easy to attach and provide a quick solution in emergencies. The maximum working pressure of 1.5 bar (21.75 psi) is soon reached with just a few strokes of the foot pump – and the container is sealed. Quick and safe Velcro fasteners on the metal-free tension belts make light work of attaching the sealing bags – even in difficult positions.

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  • Quickly attached with Velcro belt
  • Delivered in practical case
  • Up to 1.4 bar (20.3 psi) counterpressure
  • For containers with diameters 10 – 90 cm (4 – 35 inch)
  • Uniform sealing pressure of 14 m WC (20.3 psi).
  • Working pressure: 1.5 bar (21.75 psi)
  • Test pressure: 1.95 bar (28.5 psi)