SP 777 Spreader Streamline

The heavy-duty workhorse.

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The heavy-duty workhorse.

Slimmer and lighter than its predecessor SP 510, the SP 777 spreader is a powerful, quick and versatile workhorse suited for high-strength steel. With its single integrated cylinder body design and large blade openings, this tool will help you quickly and safely remove trapped passengers from all types of vehicles. It features “Shark Tooth” removable tips that have four rows of shark-like teeth to bite and hold onto any material.

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  • Single integrated cylinder body design
  • Max spreading distance is 32 in / 813 mm with a max spreading force of 134,900 lbf / 600 kN
  • “Shark Tooth” removable tips offer multifunctional design, with four rows of shark-like teeth for maximum performance and gripping
  • Dead man control valve reverts to neutral position if worker’s hand slips from control
  • Dual pilot check valve sustains load requirements if hydraulic flow is interrupted
  • Ergonomically designed star-grip permits tool actuation from almost any gripping position
Length 35.4 in / 898 mm
Width 12.2 in / 309 mm
Height 7.95 in / 202 mm
Weight 43.4 lbs / 19.7 kg
Spreading Distance 32 in / 813 mm
Max Spreading Force 134,900 lbs / 600 kN
NFPA HSF 19,110 lbs / 85 kN
NFPA LSF 13,260 lbs / 59 kN
NFPA HPF 11,016 lbs / 49 kN
NFPA LPF 6,744 lbs / 30 kN
NFPA 1936 2015 Compliant Yes