Universal Gully Sealing Bags

Protects sewage system and ground water from hazardous materials.

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Stop the flow of hazardous liquids along roads, into sewage systems or into ground water. Vetter Universal Gully Sealing Bags are ready for use in an instant, easy to put into position and utterly reliable. Position the universal gully sealing bag with a guiding rod directly at the outlet of the gully and then use the sewer inlet as a pump sump. The Gully Sealing Bag can be inflated with the foot pump. It is available in a basic set for one gully size or in a premium set for two gully sizes.

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  • Good resistance to oil and chemicals
  • Delivered in practical transport case
  • Withstands counterpressure of up to 10 m WC (14.5 psi)
  • For gullies with diameters up to 30 cm (12 inch)
  • Working pressure: 2.5 bar (36.25 psi)
  • Test pressure: 3.25 bar (47.1 psi)
  • Test counterpressure: 10 m water column (14.5 psi)