Water Turbine PPVs

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WT Series units are water powered positive pressure ventilation fans that are powered by water turbine motors.  These units run without the use of electricity or gasoline making them great in explosive locations with unknown gasses.

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Water Turbine PPVs  
Model Size Weight Motor Output
716WT 16″ 70 lbs 5.5 Hp Water Turbine 12,900 CFM
718WT 18″ 76 lbs 5.5 Hp Water Turbine 16,830 CFM
720WT 20″ 78 lbs 5.5 Hp Water Turbine 19,650 CFM
724WT 24″ 88 lbs 12 Hp Water Turbine 22,470 CFM
730WT 30″ 102 lbs 12 Hp Water Turbine 24,800 CFM